Let's exchange data.

Coordinate and exchange information across the boundaries of software and domains.
A beta project by Phorio Labs

Everybody has outdated information

The world is rich in information. This also goes for information assets on the real estate and built objects. Thanks to the Internet and databases we can today easily store and retrieve information in milliseconds around the globe at low cost.

However, there is still a big and yet unsolved problem: Users and IT systems cannot easily exchange or compare information on certain objects and fields as nobody keeps record of such information assets. Pass wants to change this.

Pass enables coordination

Easily identify and exchange information

Manually collecting information is not enough anymore. There are simply too many changes taking place anywhere on earth. And users often fail to exchange or coordinate data on specific objects.

Phorio has learnt what the inefficiencies are for anyone in dealing with information exchange and we are now trying to fix these problems. With Phorio Passcoding, anyone can manually retrieve information and update information for any identified information object.

Use Passcoding

Now you can automate information exchange

The Passcoding API lets you automate processes performed against Passcoding through a RESTful web service. This way your desktop applications, apps, CRM software, ERP software, CI software, GIS or BIM system can exchange data seamlessly.

The automation tools allow you to coordinate on data records, easily import and export data given by their own criteria. This way you always have the latest and most complete data available for each identified information asset.

Passcoding API